Gres Panaria Portugal S.A. was established in 2006, when the second industrial unit of the Panaria Group in Portugal was acquired. Gres Panaria S.A., integrated in the prestigious Italian group Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A, is one of the worldwide reference ceramic companies.

Margres is one of the leading brands in the porcelain stoneware for floorings and coatings sector. It started production in its industrial unit of Ílhavo, in 1982, being then one of the first porcelain stoneware factories in the world.
Margres is exclusively dedicated to the production of porcelain stoneware, a premium product providing solutions for any type of construction in private or public spaces due to its high technical advantages. The features that make this product unique stem from the use of the most modern state-of-the art technology, high quality raw materials and an aesthetic concern that meets the contemporary architecture’s demands.
Margres is a reference brand in the domestic market and has a great presence in the international market.

In 2002 Panariagroup purchased the first industrial unit in Portugal, located in Ílhavo, manufacturing materials, namely for Maronagres, today called Margres.

Afterwards, the second industrial unit in Aveiro was purchased in 2005, a unit that manufactured materials for Novagres, which changed the name to Love Tiles in 2008, after a rebranding action.

These two industrial units have an installed capacity of 8 million m2/year. Gres Panaria Portugal S.A. employs about 400 people.

With a commercial structure of 70 agents and 8 promoters, present in more than 113 countries spread across the five continents, it provides support to a broad range of over 2000 clients.

Gres Panaria has a dedicated structure – the Product Development Department- that carries out research and development of new products in its own laboratories, always at the forefront, both in terms of quality and product design.

Besides the production and administrative units, the brands also have their own showrooms in Aveiro and Lisbon.

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The Panariagroup, with its 1,800 workers, 9,000 clients and six production units, is one of the leading Italian groups in the production and marketing of ceramic materials for floor tiles and wall tiles.

Specialized in the production of ceramic materials in porcelain stoneware, the group is positioned at the top market and luxury level with its eight brand names: Panaria, Lea, Cotto dEste, Fiordo, Margres, Love Tiles, Florida Tile and Blu Style which satisfy a diversified clientele which is highly demanding of technical quality and product design.

The Panariagroup’s international dimension is reflected by its presence in present in Italy, Portugal, United States and main countries worldwide through an extensive commercial and sales network.

Founded in 1974, the Panariagroup currently has six production units three in Italy, two in Portugal and one in the United States, all of which are on the front line regarding technology, production and the environment. The main focus is on the production of ceramic materials, in porcelain stoneware, which today represents the companys core business (more than 80% of its consolidated overturn).

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Product certification

Product certification

The certifications obtained by Margres are presented below, as a demonstration of the quality, reliability and performance of its products.


    UPEC is a product certification issued by the French institution CSTB, verifying the technical suitability of the products related to their intended use.

    CSTB UPEC – Margres Products CSTB UPEC F+ - Margres 20mm Products
  • DOP

    The CE mark is a safety certification required by the European Union with the intention of safeguarding health and safety.

    DOP – Margres Porcelain Stoneware
  • UL

    GREENGUARD certifies products that guarantee the highest standards of air quality in indoor environments. All porcelain stoneware and laminated stoneware of Margres collections have obtained GREENGUARD GOLD certification, i.e. the UL standard with the strictest VOC emission limits, and are therefore able to ensure that they are as healthy as possible for the people who use and inhabit these environments. They can therefore be used in environments such as schools and health facilities, attended by sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly. GREENGUARD GOLD is a widely recognised certification required by sustainable building programmes and design and construction regulations around the world, such as LEED (international) and BREEAM (UK).

    UL – Margres Products
  • Certif

    Product certification is the attestation given by CERTIF based on a decision resulting from an analysis, which proves that a product's compliance with the specified requirements has been demonstrated.

    Certif - Margres Products
  • Gost-R

    GOST-R certification means that all products meet the requirements of Russian quality and security directives.


  • CCC

    CCC certificate (China Compulsory Product Certification) testifies product conformity in accordance with Chinese government directives and technical specifications.


  • saso

    SASO Quality Mark (QM) certificate testifies product conformity with the directives and technical specifications covered by Saso, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality.




Margres holds several prestigious environmental and quality certifications. These are a clear proof of how it is possible to reconcile quality, industrial innovation and design with a serious policy for environmental safeguard.

  • Green Building Council

    Margres is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and of the Green Building Council ITALIA. These organizations promote the construction of buildings and other works which respect the environment as well as the health and well-being of the people who live and work within them.


    In accordance to the ISO 9001 certification, every passage in the production process, from the arrival of the raw material to the packaging of the finished product, is verified by experienced personnel through accurate quality control.

    In accordance to the ISO 14001 certification, all the environmental aspects concerned in the production of our tiles are constantly monitored, guaranteeing the use of the best technologies on the market in order to reduce the environmental impact.

    ISO 9001 – Margres ISO 14001 - Margres
  • EMAS

    The EU EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for organisations requires the creation of a complete system of environmental management based on constant improvement. The system is based on the establishment of a rapport of cooperation and trust with employees, local authorities and the public.

    Environmental Statement - Margres

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