Ventilated walls consist of a construction system that covers the outer wall of a building using porcelain stoneware slabs, with mechanical suspension and fixing devices.

IMPORTANT: All formats except 30x30 can be used for this technical solution.

Ventilated walls protect the exterior walls of buildings from the action of rain, wind and pollutants. There are undeniable construction advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. The Margres slabs help you to make the most of the thermal inertia of the material and the reflection of sunlight in order to reduce the dispersal of heat in the cold season and avoid its accumulation under the opposite weather conditions. The following are the highlights of the many advantages of this construction system:

  • It provides excellent acoustic insulation;
  • It permits energy savings of 25% to 40%;
  • It is quick and easy to use on projects;
  • It is easy to use for covering parts if they need to be replaced;
  • It protects the structural elements of the building;
  • It is a very convenient system for refurbishments due to its ease of application over old coverings.
Ventilated Facade Technical Manual

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