Ventilated Walls
IMPORTANT: All formats except 30x30 can be used for this technical solution.

Ventilated walls consist of a construction system that covers the outer wall of a building using porcelain stoneware slabs, with mechanical suspension and fixing devices.

Cappotto Walls - ETICS
IMPORTANT: The ETICS system can support ceramic tiles up to a maximum of 100x100 cm2 and weighing less than 28 kg/m2. The most suitable colours included go from white to mid-grey. Dark colours are not recommended.

Bonded Walls
IMPORTANT: For this technical solution, only products in the 30x30 and 30x60 format are suitable. We present below the collections that include these formats.
Constructing a wall with ceramic tiles, using the bonded wall system, begins by preparing the support where the ceramic tiles will be placed and bonded with suitable adhesives. In addition, mechanical fixing is normally used as a reinforcement, assuring the placement.
During all stages of the processes, there are key factors to remember in order to assure the placement and durability of the ceramic tile wall.

Elevated Flooring and Paving
Elevated flooring and paving is part of a system consisting of identical modules, supported on a metal structure made up of height-adjustable pedestals and, when necessary, bars connecting these. Thus, a free technical space, called the plenum, is created under the horizontal surface. Advantages of the system - Freedom to design new spaces; - Flexibility to meet all project needs and to respond to the demands of the offices of the future; - Possibility of modifying the decoration to adjust to last-minute customer needs.

Anti-bacterial Coverings and Flooring
Continuous active antibacterial action
- We have chosen Microban®, the global leader in antibacterial technology,
to make our tiles even safer.
- There are more bacteria on one hand than people on the Earth.
- Bacterial growth can double in number every 20 minutes on unprotected

Laminated stoneware
The revolutionary laminated stoneware tiles are produced using innovative technology which transforms them through the use of a compacting force of 15,000 tonnes, extremely pure clay and natural pigments, producing ceramic tiles measuring 3 metres by 1 metre and only 3 mm thick. Laminated stoneware tiles have the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware and are resistant, easy to cut and apply, light to transport and ecologically preferable.

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