From the representation of a classic era, with an enigmatic and historical aura out of its time, Prestige occupies a central place in avant-garde architecture. This glazed porcelain tile is a marble collection very distinctive and full of personality between them, presenting also a wide range of tones.
Calacatta exhibits a typical white stone with very distinguishing veins. Corinthian Beige shows a very elegant marble with softener characteristics. Travertino was transformed and modernized to a strong grey marble with idiosyncratic touches. Fior Di Bosco Tortora displays more warm tones and delicate graphic. Finally, in Emperador Black we achieved the intensity of darker colours and hardened shades.
It is also a very versatile collection in sizes. Besides presenting in 30x60, 45x90, 60x60, 60x120 and 90x90 dimensions, it’s the biggest dimensions – 50x100, 100x100, 100x250 and 100x300 – that exceptionally boosts the attention in Linea Prestige version, able of raising the concept of maximum elegance to its greatest heights.
The true calling for modern architecture: Prestige.

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