The first cycle of conferences on Architecture, organized by Margres, took place on 7 November at the Alfândega Congress Centre, in Porto. Under the theme Architecture: Art or Technique, the Iberian meeting between Enrique Sobejano and Carvalho Araújo merged with what quickly became a conversation and multiple moments of sharing and learning.

On the one hand, Enrique Sobejano took us through the musical legacy of the Arvo Pärt Centre, in the heart of a forest in Estonia. For an hour, the presentation by the architect from Madrid was a true poetic chant about all the elements that motivated this project.

On the other hand, Carvalho Araújo guided the audience along both technical and artistic moments of the projects he developed and others he is still working on. He showed how design and architecture are, in fact, reflections of each other and how the materialization of the work results in a set of desires, anxieties and achievements until the culmination of the works.

There was also time for the formal presentation of the Margres Architecture Award 2019, by Gres Panaria director, Andrea Zanni, to architect Sílvia Bernardino, for her House in Moagem project. The architect highlighted the connection to the brand for over a decade and how surprised she was by the award and recognition.

This cycle of conferences will be repeated every year to fuel Margres’ pioneering spirit and its strategic position in the ceramics sector.

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