An experience that changed the schedule of Portuguese architecture, Archi Summit 2016 took place at old Oporto’s Industrial Slaughterhouse. The 7th, 8th and 9th of July were occupied with conferences and were a central stage to singular constructive solutions.
Once again Margres and Love Tiles were main sponsors of the event and conquered all visitors with four irreverent and unique spaces and demonstrated that ceramic application could be presented in different contexts:
- From the industry of gold transformation, the beauty, the elegance and the glow of a jeweler, represented by Precious collection;
- From the deconstructed image of a city, the esthetic side, the reflection and timeless sense by a lens of a photographer, represented by Tool collection;
- The colors and fragrances of the city to the inebriant scents of fruit shops from Oporto’s market, represented by Aroma collection;
- From paints and shiny shoes to old sidewalks, the perfect gloss of a shoe shiner, represented by Subway collection.
Margres and Love Tiles settings were flooded by visitors that could not stay immune to our ceramic creations and to the construction of environments present at the event.

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