Architect Sílvia Bernardino is the winner of the 4th edition of the Margres Architecture Award 2019. The winning project consists of the refurbishment of an apartment, House in Moagem, a luxury condominium incorporated in the old Moagem de Leiria (mill) building.

The architecture and extension of the former convent and the subsequent milling factory were designed by architect António Garcia. After restoring the building, which retains its original façade, some walls and arches, the construction of this new body of apartments led architect Sílvia Bernardino to invest in the use of ceramic material for the interior architecture project. This work incorporates a ceramic that is totally suited to the spaces, taking advantage of the dimensions and aesthetics of the product, as a solution to the demands of modern architecture and that naturally incorporates the historical component of the building.

The project itself helps to increase the life cycle of the built heritage, where spatial flexibility and functional contribution are the most important aspects to be highlighted.

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