The official prize-giving of the 2017 Margres Architecture Award was one of the highlights of the Archi Summit 2017, which took place on July 6th and 7th in the Portugal Pavilion, in Lisbon. The award given to the winning project was received by Architect Susana Baeta, representing the RRJ office and delivered by Architect Manuel Aires Mateus. Among the different competing projects, the latter was the selected one for the Rehabilitation of a Residential Building, in Lisbon.
Besides winning the award, the winners shall also receive a trip to Italy and a cash prize of 7,500€. Honourable Mentions were also awarded to Architects Nuno Monteiro and Romeu Martins. Margres took also advantage of this opportunity to launch the 2019 Margres Architecture Award, which shall be held in a more comprehensive way. National and international architects may submit their applications with works built both in national or foreign soil and the cash prize will be 10,000€.

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