Margres has associated itself again, for the third consecutive year, to the only Architecture Summit in Portugal, as its main sponsor. The event took place on July 6th and 7th in the Pavilion of Portugal, in Lisbon and gathered architects of national and international reputation.
In parallel with the event and in a relaxed atmosphere, Margres took advantage of this opportunity to carry out an amusing demonstration of its products’ versatility by using the same in the construction of several works inspired in urban art.
Inspired in the street art of the old city, in Alfama and Mouraria districts, in the bohemian night, in the art of the Portuguese stone pavements, in the avant-garde architecture and ceramic, Margres brough contrasting, non-committal elements and the innovation of the sandstone blade application expressed in pieces of the Lisbon history. The urban art took over the city with a daring design, where the past, the present and the future cross paths.
During the two days of the event, the shapes, the faces, the colours and the smiles started to take shape and the participants, as they entered or exited the conferences were invited by a fisher wife to paint their own sardine, on a Lisbon welcome wall.

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