Grove and Línea Subway are two of the newest Margres collections. Inspired on oak wood, Grove collection has a profound realism, that combines color, detail intensity and graphic design interpreted by a cozy structure. Of all this characteristic results a ceramic floor inspired in wood. A extraordinary collection, with a strong and elegant graphic full of veins and knots similar to wood. Versatile and capable of adapting to modern architecture or more traditional scenarios, Grove also presents a color irreverence – Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Tortora, White and Grey – and details that are extremely realistic.
Línea Subway collection is born from city and metropole images. With a strong and careful esthetic, to enter Línea Subway will allow you to find contrasting characteristics: on one hand low thickness versus resistance; on the other, the great format versus flexibility and lightness. This collection came to complement Subway’s collection with the introduction of three new big dimensional formats: 300x100, 100x100 and 50x100 with only 3,5 millimeters of thickness. Línea Subway fills the harmonious and technical modern architectural requisites offering possibilities while recreates an innovative universe.

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