Margres already accustomed us to elegant lines and a strong and bold image. After Grove and Línea Subway, already known in May, Margres presents now the two new year collections inspired on cement: Edge and Atom.
Edge is the collection that modern architecture was missing. It tested the limits to take to extreme stone and cement fusion presenting itself in its more natural form. Elaborated in full body porcelain tiles, Edge was conceived with the purpose of obtaining an extraordinarily resistant product, able to tolerate the most demanding use and to reply to the most diverse architectural conceptions.
Atom celebrates an elegant and sober philosophy inspired on cement and evocative city landscapes. Conceived for those in love with lights games and neutral colours, this collection emphasizes the beauty and glamour of the metropole. The pattern of each piece is uniform, subtle and compact presenting some variances given by the small and soft structure, which contributes to enhance cement visual aspect.

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