Margres presents several technical solutions for high-end porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, meeting the most demanding needs of contemporary architecture. Full body porcelain stoneware is a Margres product which uses state-of-the-art techniques. Thanks to its composition and high resistance, porcelain stoneware is ideal for high traffic areas, commercial and residential spaces.

In a weather resistance test, Margres porcelain floor and wall tiles present durability, elegance and timeless beauty. The great potential of Margres products is the possibility of combining high technical quality and resistance with visual versatility. Full body porcelain stoneware is elaborated using double loading and the Dual Tech technology which has made the porcelain production system grow and evolve, contributing to obtain a product with extreme graphic richness and a high standard of quality.


In its collections you will find covering and flooring solutions for: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, façades, bedrooms, garages and for outdoors. Inspired in wood, cement, marble, stone and metals, the Margres range allows you to create from the most noble classic constructions, in public or private spaces, to the most daring constructions with modern indoor and outdoor wall coverings and floorings, where aesthetic concerns and avant-garde techniques are asserted. The available colour ranges are also varied, from the traditional white, black or grey to beige tones or the combination of black and white tile colours.

It also presents solutions for extra-thick products that are ideal for outdoor porcelain tile applications in gardens, parks, terraces and high-traffic public spaces.

Margres Linea laminated stoneware can be applied on new or pre-existing floors and wall coverings, without the need to demolish, without noise and without dust. With the technical properties of porcelain stoneware, Margres laminated slabs are resistant, easy to cut and to apply, light to transport and with a low environmental impact.


The eclectic side of Margres porcelain floorings and wall tiles finds continuity in the wide variety of colours, in the typology of products and also in the finishing alternatives - Natural, Smooth, Polished and Anti Slip. There is also a diversity of formats, from large formats such as 100x300, 120x260, 120x120 to 60x60 or 30x30. Furthermore, they can be adapted to indoor and outdoor residential spaces or high traffic spaces such as airports or shopping centers.

Margres porcelain tiles can be applied on indoor or outdoor walls. Margres porcelain mosaics can also be applied on indoor or outdoor floorings.

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